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  1. Rewrite for InScheduler - Part 5: Tweaking the Pricing and Next Steps Showcasing:
  2. Rewrite for InScheduler - Part 4: Tweaking the Appeal Showcasing:
  3. Rewrite for InScheduler - Part 3: Testing the Site Against the Best Buyer Situation Showcasing:
  4. Rewrite for InScheduler - Part 2: Finding Situations Ripe for a Switch Showcasing:
  5. Rewrite for InScheduler - Part 1: Initial Run-Through Showcasing:
  1. Let Visitors Leave With Something Progress-ful Showcasing:
  2. No Longer Cheap: Jobs-to-be-done Made Me a More Confident Buyer Showcasing: + more
  3. When Your Product Looks Too Good To Be True Showcasing:,
  4. No, You Don't Need Social Proof Showcasing: + more
  5. Copywriting Feedback for Akord: Getting the Main Headline Right Showcasing:
  6. Product Sharpening: Feedback for ProdHunt Showcasing:
  7. Two Products Ideas for Showcasing: + more
  8. No-code Site Builders for Making Struggle-First Landing Pages Showcasing:
  9. Fail Predictions: My Own Product Showcasing:
  10. Fail Predictions: Sunshine Contacts Showcasing: + more
  11. Your Product Might Fail, Push Through with These Perspectives Showcasing: + more
  12. Level 3 Sharpening: Generate New Product Ideas Showcasing: + more
  13. To Add Appeal, First Reduce Anxieties Showcasing: + more
  14. Make a Worse Product (to Save It) Showcasing: + more
  15. Ego Makes Good Products Fail (Remove Ego to See Reality) Showcasing: + more
  16. Your Product Is Going to Fail Showcasing: + more
  17. Teaching Your Clients: a Conflict of Interest? Showcasing: + more
  18. Audience Building Mindsets Showcasing: + more
  19. Via Negativa: Inverse Freelancing Advice Showcasing: + more
  20. Via Negativa: Inverse Product Advice Showcasing: + more
  21. Randomness and the Benefits of Freelancing Showcasing: + more
  22. Measurements for Freelancers - Part 2: Starting With the End Showcasing: + more
  23. Measurements for Freelancers - Part 1: Finding What Matters Showcasing: + more
  24. Discouraging Your Clients (for more Antifragility) Showcasing: + more
  25. The Itch to Create - Part 4: Judging Ideas for Demand Fit Showcasing: + more
  26. Isn't Jobs-to-be-Done Just a Subjective Interpretation? Showcasing: + more
  27. Remove Friction? No. Help Make Progress Showcasing:
  28. Evaluating a Product Opportunity Showcasing: + more
  29. Visitors Will Excuse Your Un-styled Landing Page Showcasing:
  30. Communicating Your Product When It's Hard to Explain Showcasing:
  31. The Gap Between the Product and User Needs Showcasing: + more
  32. When You Have to Find Buyers for Your Product Showcasing: + more
  33. The Hero's Journey Metaphor: Multi-Outcome Products Showcasing: + more
  34. Product Sharpening: Feedback for
  35. When Funnels only Explain a Minority of Purchase Scenarios Showcasing: + more
  36. A Bunch of Example Landing Pages With (Mostly) Just Text Showcasing: + 7 more
  37. Mind-reading: Conducting Deep Research Using Multiple Passes Showcasing: + more
  38. "Too Much Text": What to Do About that Feedback Showcasing:
  39. Where Can I Learn More About Jobs-To-Be-Done? Showcasing: + more
  40. Sharp Example: Palabra Sign-Up Forms Showcasing:
  41. The Best Order of Elements For Your Landing Page Showcasing: + more
  42. Productized Services: Feedback for
  43. Where to Listen More Deeply When There's a Deluge of Information Showcasing: + more
  44. When I Suspect My Product Is Purchased for New Use Cases Showcasing: + more
  45. Freelancing in a Recession: Roundup of Tips Showcasing: + more
  46. When Your Software Proposes a Different Process Showcasing:
  47. Selling When Times Are Rough Showcasing: + more
  48. Page Feedback for
  49. Freelancing for Two Markets At Once (Changing Your Website Too?) Showcasing: + more
  50. When Freelancers Don't Need a Website Showcasing:
  51. Should I Use a Ballsy Tone, or Stick with Corporate Wording? Showcasing:
  52. Productized Services: From a Variety of Skills to a Value-Ladder Showcasing:
  53. Level 3 Sharpening for Showcasing: + more
  54. Level 3 Sharpening: So You Can Rely Less on Sales Showcasing: + more
  55. The Itch to Create - Part 3: Incorporating Outside Advice Showcasing: + more
  56. The Itch to Create - Part 2: Making Your Idea Inevitable Showcasing: + more
  57. The Itch to Create - Part 1: Getting Clarity on Why Showcasing: + more
  58. What Does It Mean to Compete Against 'Nothing'? Showcasing:
  59. Four Ways to Tell Your Visitors 'There's a Better Way' Showcasing: + 5 more
  60. Yeah but Apple and Intercom Design Their Pages Using Features and Benefits Showcasing:,
  61. Is Your Product a 'Yes', a 'No', or a 'Not Yet'? Showcasing:
  62. But How Will This Affect My Bounce Rate? Showcasing: + more
  63. Sharpening Your Packaged Service Offerings Showcasing: + more
  64. How Does the Pain-Dream-Fix Page Structure Fit with Jobs-To-Be-Done? Showcasing: + more
  65. Sharp Example:
  66. What's the Minimum to Make My Landing Page Communicate I Understand the Struggle? Showcasing: + more
  67. Packaging a Sharp Service, But without a Public Price Showcasing: + more
  68. How Do You Productize a Consulting Call? Showcasing: + more
  69. How to Add Modesty to Your Intros as a Freelancer Showcasing: + more
  70. Rewriting Common Mental Models About Introducing Yourself as a Freelancer Showcasing: + more
  71. Do I Need To Focus On Just One Struggle? Showcasing: + more
  72. How Can I Pitch a Bolder, More Edgy Consulting Engagement? Showcasing: + more
  73. Do I Need to Address a Hard Struggle? Showcasing: + more
  74. Was I Just Lucky or Is My Idea Solid? Showcasing: + more
  75. How Do I Know I've Built Too Much Product? Showcasing: + more
  76. What Are Sellable Ways to Package up (my) Skills as Services? Showcasing: + more
  77. How to Get Better Consulting Clients without Being Too Sales-y Showcasing: + more
  78. How to Increase Ebook Sales without ‘Buy Now’ Pop-ups? Showcasing: + more
  79. How to Increase Newsletter Signups without Being Pushy? Showcasing: + more
  80. How Do I Increase Conversion Rates Without Being a Slimy Jerk? Showcasing: + more
  81. How Can I Prove That My Version B Will Be Better? Showcasing: + more
  82. How Much Traffic Do I Need To Start Doing A/B Testing? Showcasing: + more
  83. An Example Of An Unconventional Landing Page Showcasing:
  84. I Don't Know If My Page Is Any Good Showcasing: + more
  85. How Can I Improve The Design Of This Landing Page Without Too Much Effort? Showcasing: + more
  86. Re-writing Headings That Just Highlight The Benefits Showcasing:
  87. How To Quickly Tweak Text On Your Landing Page Directly In The Browser Showcasing: + more
  88. Would I Be Wasting My Time Going After An Idea With Competitors? Showcasing: + more
  89. How Long Landing Pages Make Calls-To-Action Work Showcasing: + more
  90. For My Landing Page Call to Action: Appointment or Email? Showcasing: + more
  91. Writing Outreach (Cold) Emails That Will Be Welcomed Showcasing: + more
  92. Writing Outreach (Cold) Emails, The Basic Lessons To Get Started Showcasing: + more
  93. Five Ways to Rejig a Product Page When It Doesn't Lead To Enough Sales Showcasing: + more
  94. Sadly Found A Competitor For My Product. How Do I Make Mine Better? Showcasing: + more
  95. How Do I Know My Product Is Ready To Launch? I Want It To Be Perfect! Showcasing: + more
  96. How to Select Buyers for Purchase Story Interviews Showcasing: + more
  97. Too Few of My Freemium Users Are Converting To Paying Customers Showcasing: + more
  98. How to Record Buyer Interviews Showcasing: + more
  99. What Questions Should I Ask During a Buyer Interview? Showcasing: + more
  100. Purchase Interview: Two Ebooks Purchased Together Showcasing: + more
  101. Try "When" Showcasing: + more
  102. When a Feature Is Not a Feature Showcasing: + more
  103. Digging the Purchase Story for Gold Showcasing: + more
  104. The Interview and the Timeline Diagram Showcasing: + more
  105. Industry Standard Pricing (No Such Thing) Showcasing: + more
  106. The Product, The Newsletter and The Professional Services Showcasing: + more
  107. Changing Orbit: Selling Your Idea Showcasing: + more
  108. Purchase Interview: $450 Pair of Winter Boots Showcasing: + more
  109. The Number One Competitor of Your Product Showcasing: + more
  110. Purchase Decisions: The Four Forces at Play Showcasing: + more
  111. Introduction to the Jobs-To-Be-Done Theory, Through Three Example Purchases Showcasing: + more
  112. What Cryptocurrencies Are Hired To Do Showcasing: + more

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