How To Quickly Tweak Text On Your Landing Page Directly In The Browser

You’ve been sweating over the wording of a headline on your landing page and it’s been frustrating to go into your WordPress thingy, make a change, click Preview and see how it looks.

Well there’s a way to test that tweak right on the page, directly in the browser, super quick.

Just drag this link to your browser's bookmark bar.

And then visit a page and edit like this:

Clicking the bookmark makes the page editable

Note: this will only temporarily change the text. Hit Refresh, and the changes are gone. Copy/paste your new marvel somewhere else, take a screenshot, email it with Command-I or print it out before you hit Refresh!

Two More Ways

Here are two other ways to do the same.

Option 2: If you’re on Firefox, there’s an extension called ContentEditable and it adds a cute edit icon to the address bar to edit the page.

Option 3: Or here’s some JavaScript you can execute from your browser’s console (right-click, then select Inspect Element). In fact the bookmark button above uses this line of code in the href:

.setAttribute('contenteditable', true);

Stay Sharp!


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