A service to help you sharpen how you talk about your product, based on the Jobs-To-Be-Done theory of buyer psychology.

Hi, my name is Pascal Laliberté. I’m preparing a service to help you sharpen that product or service you’ve got. I’ll help you make it more tuned to help your customer progress on what they're trying to get progress on, more distinctive, more incisive, and, well, more sharp.

Your situation:

  • You’ve got an idea for a product or a service you could offer, to package your skills in a way to help more people;
  • You find yourself not sure if you’re packaging it right or pricing it right;
  • When asking for feedback, people suggest you stay more generic, appealing to a broader audience;
  • When considering going specific and sharp, you curiously feel a sense of trepidation and that’s for you a sign that you’re on the right track;
  • You read a lot about tactics like filling up some lean canvases, or writing copy that converts, and all those other tactics feel like they’re missing something fundamental;
  • Maybe you’ve heard about the Jobs-To-Be-Done Theory and you’d like to connect with someone else who’s into it;
  • You want your product or service page to be standing out, not blending in, at the edge, not in the middle. You don’t want it to be dull, you want it to be sharp!

I can also help when...

  • You are putting together a product and you’d like more confidence on how to price it;
  • You have started to map out the Forces of Progress Diagrams of your offering(s) and would like some feedback about your choices;
  • You have made a big sale of a service or customized product to a B2B client and would like to find out the core reason (the job-to-be-done) of the purchase so you can tweak how you approach new clients;
  • You have made a number of sales of a product and would like to find out the core reason (the job-to-be-done) of the purchase so you can tweak how you market your product and how you package it;
  • You are about to add some features but you don’t know if they’ll contribute to buyer anxieties about your product;
  • You are getting more than 10,000 visits to your site and would like to test out different marketing copy so you can see if you can increase your revenue.

I’ll achieve this via these engagements:

  • 1-on-1 calls to review your product approach (pricing, features, messaging)
  • Buyer Interviews and Buyer Research to uncover the job for which they hired your product, what they switched away from, and the emotional back-and-forth in their decision-making
  • Copywriting reviews and tweaks with split-testing (A/B testing)

More details coming soon…

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