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I’m Pascal Laliberté Pascal Laliberté, and I help software devs like you improve copywriting instincts, improve your understanding of the buyer and craft sales pages for your product idea, or your new service offering idea, or your new publication.

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Something came up for you…

…and now it’s time to get serious and put something up for sale.

  • Maybe you put together a first draft of a sales page, and it’s not going to land like you hoped it would.
  • Maybe you feel everything is up in the air in our careers, something’s not right, and you need to start innovating. Something noteworthy that people will talk about.
  • Maybe you’ve been trying to make a product work for a long time. The product isn’t fitting the market. You’ve considered changing direction completely, but maybe you’re thinking there’s still a different option.
  • Maybe you thought that the thing would just sell itself.

Services I Offer:

I have these three service offerings to help you:

Option #1
Ten Articles on Buyer Psychology, Ten Weeks

A free option (currently)—Over ten weeks, you receive ten articles, adapted to your situation, on how to understand buyer motivation, purchase momentum, applying the Jobs-To-Be-Done theory to writing sales copy, and more. Limited availability.

Start here:
Apply via email or learn more at /ten

Option #2
A Sales Page Feedback Service

Over 2 weeks, over text and async video, I give you unlimited feedback on your sales page. I help pin down the copy and flow. I help clarify the struggle the solution helps with and the progress your buyer is looking to make. You send me a draft, I send you my feedback.

We’ll be using a page on to have our back and forth exchange and record our videos. I’ll set the page up after pre-payment.

I can help review one of many sales pages, for a product, or for some service offerings, or for a new publication.

Start here:

After pre-payment, you’ll receive an invitation to a page on where we’ll hold our coaching discussion.

Pascal helped me tremendously to pin down the messaging and site structure of His systematic method for discovering hidden opportunities and buyer hesitations is one of a kind. With a sharp eye for customers' struggles, his analyses are insightful, actionable, and rewarding. I'm looking forward to collaborating with him again in future projects.

Julian Rubisch

Option #3
A Freelancing Services Page Package

To help you put together a freelancing or consulting page like this one, providing some sharp options to the client you’d like to attract, I offer this done-for-you service, from strategy to design to implementing the site.

The price range is in the 4 to 5 digits, depending on whether we’ll be setting up a revenue sharing arrangement.

Start here:
Inquire via email

A crucial milestone in a solopreneur’s journey is to put together a website that reflects your mission, your experience and the services you are offering to potential clients. Sure, you can grab a template and slap some text on it, but crafting a unique web presence that reflects who you are, that requires skills. Working with Pascal allowed me to reflect more deeply on my journey, who I want to work with and how I can help my clients. We went on that discovery together, iterated over ideas, and ended up with a final product that effectively introduce visitors to who I am, zoom in on their journey, the progress they want to achieve and how I can help them move forward.

—Olivier Dupuis,

What you’re after is a new sense of mastery so you can get that new project, that new idea going.

That new idea of yours… I hope you’ll make it happen soon.

Stay sharp!

Pascal Laliberté Pascal Laliberté
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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