Hi, I’m Pascal Laliberté, and I’m here to help you, fellow software devs, develop an intuition on what goes on inside the mind of a buyer.

You’ve Been Posing Yourself These Questions:

What makes someone decide to buy a product? To take out their credit card, and say “yes, this, now”

How come I just bought a $150 UI kit with my own money?

Is there a way to shape my products and services so that I can sell them in a way I’ll be okay with?

Here’s My Offer:

  • One article per week, sent on Friday PM (Eastern time), from my archive of articles on buyer psychology, over ten weeks.
  • An async coach, for free. Because I’m just starting this offering, you get access to back and forth a little bit with me each week over email, gratis.
  • A list tailored to you, week by week. From our back and forth, I’ll be choosing the next right article to help with your progress. I can cover the basics, I can go deeper on product or freelancing or copywriting. Up to you. Maybe I’ll officialize a list later on, but if you sign up now, you get something tailored.
  • An offer, only at the end, to stay on the list. But that’s up to you. You’re not signing up to anything else.

“Yep, I’m game”. To sign up, simply…

Apply via email to receive ten articles over ten weeks.

Topics Covered in my Articles

I’ll craft a list that touches on some of these topics:

  • The Jobs-to-be-done theory of buyer behavior…
  • What makes up the back and forth deliberation in the mind of the buyer…
  • How price is just one of many hesitations…
  • How to predict when it’s just not the right time to be selling…
  • How people just want to make progress, and your job is just to help them
  • What your product mainly competes with…
  • How to understand people’s struggles
  • How to not be sales-y
  • How to write landing page copy that makes people say “I feel understood!”…
  • How to choose which type of landing page layout to use (struggle-first vs features and benefits)…
  • How to interview recent customers…

And specifically for freelancers, consultants and current employees:

  • How to sell your ideas
  • How to publish a constellation of struggle-solvers that point to you…
  • How discouraging your client leads from hiring you helps get to the deeper value…
  • How to package up your services in novel ways

I had been meaning to read Competing Against Luck, by Clayton M. Christensen, for a while now. I wanted to learn about the JTBD framework, but was put off by it because it felt remote to my daily product development work.

Pascal's articles were insightful interludes in my reading, providing perspectives on what it means to build a product that is relevant for users.

Olivier Dupuis

By the End, You Will Have…

Before we’re done together, you will be celebrating that you’ll have:

  • Discovered a couple new lenses about how people buy
  • Uncovered how selling can be done in a posture of service
  • Unlearned parts of what’s holding you back from selling
  • Advanced on clarifying one of your upcoming projects, how you’ll be able to make it work
  • Jogged some new ideas on what you could sell
  • Gotten feedback from me on your product ideas

Very Soon, You Will Sell Something New

  • You will sell an idea, because you’ll know when and when not to propose it
  • You will sell a new service at a new price
  • You will know how to predict whether a new product concept has a shot or not at selling
  • You will know how to buy what others are selling, because you’ll know what progress you’re trying to make yourself

The Price: Free

I only accept a few people at a time: if there are too much, I’ll have to put a hold on new sign ups.

So if you’re interested, the first step is to simply…

Apply via email to receive ten articles over ten weeks.

Questions and Answers

Q: Why are you offering this level of personalization for free?

A: I’m only going to run the “I’ll tailor the articles week to week” offering for a period of time, then I might standardize the ten articles or maybe I’ll make it more official and charge a fee.

Q: Are you just going to send me manual emails each week?

A: Yes, I’ll be writing manual emails. No bulk sendouts for now. I’ll also be asking follow-up questions from you, what you’re working on, what your reactions are, whether you’re reading any other books at the same time, stuff like that.

Q: Do you have books to recommend reading at the same time?

A: I do! I recommend you start with one of these two books, and they’ll pair super well with the articles:

Q: I see you offer bigger packages on the home page, and they’re mostly for existing product owners. Do you have anything else for those who are pre-product?

A: I’ve sold my services to consultants in the past, to help productize their services, creating “value ladders”. If that’s interesting to you, send me a note.

Okay, hope you’ll join. Stay sharp.

Apply via email to receive ten articles over ten weeks.

Pascal Laliberté Pascal Laliberté
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada