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  1. When I Suspect My Product Is Purchased for New Use Cases
  2. Freelancing in a Recession: Roundup of Tips
  3. When Your Software Proposes a Different Process Showcasing:
  4. Selling When Times Are Rough
  5. Page Feedback for
  1. Freelancing for Two Markets At Once (Changing Your Website Too?)
  2. When Freelancers Don't Need a Website Showcasing:
  3. Should I Use a Ballsy Tone, or Stick with Corporate Wording? Showcasing:
  4. Productized Services: From a Variety of Skills to a Value-Ladder Showcasing:
  5. Level 3 Sharpening for
  6. Level 3 Sharpening: So You Can Rely Less on Sales
  7. The Itch to Create - Part 3: Incorporating Outside Advice
  8. The Itch to Create - Part 2: Making Your Idea Inevitable
  9. The Itch to Create - Part 1: Getting Clarity on Why
  10. What Does It Mean to Compete Against 'Nothing'? Showcasing:
  11. Four Ways to Tell Your Visitors 'There's a Better Way' Showcasing: + 5 more
  12. Yeah but Apple and Intercom Design Their Pages Using Features and Benefits Showcasing:,
  13. Is Your Product a 'Yes', a 'No', or a 'Not Yet'? Showcasing:
  14. But How Will This Affect My Bounce Rate?
  15. Sharpening Your Packaged Service Offerings
  16. How Does the Pain-Dream-Fix Page Structure Fit with Jobs-To-Be-Done?
  17. Sharp Example:
  18. What's the Minimum to Make My Landing Page Communicate I Understand the Struggle?
  19. Packaging a Sharp Service, But without a Public Price
  20. How Do You Productize a Consulting Call?
  21. How to Add Modesty to Your Intros as a Freelancer
  22. Rewriting Common Mental Models About Introducing Yourself as a Freelancer
  23. Do I Need To Focus On Just One Struggle?
  24. How Can I Pitch a Bolder, More Edgy Consulting Engagement?
  25. Do I Need to Address a Hard Struggle?
  26. Was I Just Lucky or Is My Idea Solid?
  27. How Do I Know I've Built Too Much Product?
  28. What Are Sellable Ways to Package up (my) Skills as Services?
  29. How to Get Better Consulting Clients without Being Too Sales-y
  30. How to Increase Ebook Sales without ‘Buy Now’ Pop-ups?
  31. How to Increase Newsletter Signups without Being Pushy?
  32. How Do I Increase Conversion Rates Without Being a Slimy Jerk?
  33. How Can I Prove That My Version B Will Be Better?
  34. How Much Traffic Do I Need To Start Doing A/B Testing?
  35. An Example Of An Unconventional Landing Page Showcasing:
  36. I Don't Know If My Page Is Any Good
  37. How Can I Improve The Design Of This Landing Page Without Too Much Effort?
  38. Re-writing Headings That Just Highlight The Benefits Showcasing:
  39. How To Quickly Tweak Text On Your Landing Page Directly In The Browser
  40. Would I Be Wasting My Time Going After An Idea With Competitors?
  41. How Long Landing Pages Make Calls-To-Action Work
  42. For My Landing Page Call to Action: Appointment or Email?
  43. Writing Outreach (Cold) Emails That Will Be Welcomed
  44. Writing Outreach (Cold) Emails, The Basic Lessons To Get Started
  45. Five Ways to Rejig a Product Page When It Doesn't Lead To Enough Sales
  46. Sadly Found A Competitor For My Product. How Do I Make Mine Better?
  47. How Do I Know My Product Is Ready To Launch? I Want It To Be Perfect!
  48. How to Select Buyers for Purchase Story Interviews
  49. Too Few of My Freemium Users Are Converting To Paying Customers
  50. How to Record Buyer Interviews
  51. What Questions Should I Ask During a Buyer Interview?
  52. Purchase Interview: Two Ebooks Purchased Together
  53. Try "When"
  54. When a Feature Is Not a Feature
  55. Digging the Purchase Story for Gold
  56. The Interview and the Timeline Diagram
  57. Industry Standard Pricing (No Such Thing)
  58. The Product, The Newsletter and The Professional Services
  59. Changing Orbit: Selling Your Idea
  60. Purchase Interview: $450 Pair of Winter Boots
  61. The Number One Competitor of Your Product
  62. Purchase Decisions: The Four Forces at Play
  63. Introduction to the Jobs-To-Be-Done Theory, Through Three Example Purchases
  64. What Cryptocurrencies Are Hired To Do

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