Here’s a free resource for helping you get into the mind of buyers. These articles are organized by category (you can also list articles by latest to oldest here), and here’s a quick breakdown:

1. Jobs-To-Be-Done Basics

The theory of buyer behavior popularized by Clayton Christensen is found throughout these articles, and so it pays to get the basics.

2. Churn, Buyer Research and Purchase Interviews

You’ll see some articles from above are listed here too. If cancellations to your product are causing you to double down on customer research, these articles are it.

3. Validating and Discerning

Discernment is key. Should you build that feature? Will that product work? It’s best to be real with yourself: you’ll be making bets. And yet, good theory predicts behavior. If you can create a solid narrative of when and how often buyers will experience a struggle, and if you can be patient, you can hone down ideas worth investing in.

4. Copywriting

It gets easier the more you get into the mind of your buyer.

5. Struggle-First Landing Pages

Perfect for when your audience has no established mindset for the solution to their problem, struggle-first landing pages start by mirroring back the struggle of the visitor so they can say “I feel understood!”

6. Example Sites

Some of these sites no longer exist, but be sure to check out the 5-part teardown and analysis and recommendations for further down.

7. Optimizing & A/B Testing

You need a lot of traffic for real A/B Testing, but thankfully you can sharpen your pages with this imperative: help people make progress.

8. Consulting and Freelancing

Lastly, I wrote some articles on applying buyer psychology to consulting and freelancing. In fact, I think most people wanting to jump straight from employment to product should consider freelancing. Start small and stay sharp.

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