Let Visitors Leave With Something Progress-ful

Here’s a page that has a useful ending. Payzip is software that helps people who manage clubs.

The top of Payzip's home page describes how it helps club treasurers take control of membership payments

Running a social club produces struggles around managing memberships: sending invoices for renewals, making payments easy, making that whole process smooth. From head-aches to no-brainer. That’s the progress treasurers and membership secretaries are sometimes looking to make, and Payzip helps with that.

You’d think that their home page would end with one more invitation to sign up. No.

It ends like this:

The bottom of Payzip's home page doesn't end with another plea to try. It helps visitors make progress with something smaller: tips on managing club payments

They’re helping people who scrolled down, but probably won’t buy it. Helping how? Helping them make progress anyway.

Scrolled All the Way Down, About to Leave Anyway

  1. They feel the struggle. Membership renewals getting too much to handle.
  2. They considered Payzip and its features, that added a bit of attraction.
  3. They had some hesitations, some anxieties, and the page helped them reduce those anxieties, building more attraction.
  4. They scrolled some more, imagined using the product.
  5. They’re thinking they could figure something out for now.
  6. They saw all those invitations to sign-up. They ignored those.
  7. They get to the bottom of the page, thinking:

This thing is neat. I want to get moving, but this is too much for now.

They’re Ready for Progress, but Not This, Not Now

They’re ready to get moving on solving their problem, they’re just not ready to make the big leap to Payzip.

  • The big leap in moving all their stuff to a new system.
  • The big leap of convincing the board to have visitors go through this new system.
  • The big leap of weighing the pros and cons of the move, making it a project.

They’re sold on doing something. They’re not yet sold on buying this. Not this, not now.

But they’re at the bottom of the page, and they’re ready to make one small tweak. The Payzip landing page helps them with that. Make progress on this small bit. Brilliant use of the bottom of the page.

You can see there's a call to action just above that final section. But this ending is for people who we're going to buy anyway, and were on their way out.

If people visiting your site are tempted to figure out something on their own before buying, it’s in your interest to help them do that. It’s the progress they want to make. Most products are in that boat anyway: we’re all in competition with non-consumption more than we are with competing products. So they’ll figure something out themselves (with your help), and then they might hit a wall. Then they’ll be back. Because you’ll have helped them along the way.

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