A Bunch of Example Landing Pages With (Mostly) Just Text

In this thread, the following question pops-up (emphasis mine):

I have been trying to build a landing page for a while. I don’t want to use stock photos or those overused illustrations that don’t really convey anything. However, eliminating these two choices leaves me with an all-text page. How should I approach this? Should I draw some basic images myself? Should I give up and go the generic route?

Wordy, Mostly-Text Pages are Fine

A couple articles ago, I wrote about why it’s okay to have a page with mostly just text.

And so, to show what I mean, here are more examples of wordy pages.



Meg Cumby helps consultant get social proof and testimonials without the awkwardness


Fix My Fucking Project is Aaron Saray's page. He's a developer with experience.

https://applicationemail.com/ (I wrote a more in-depth review of this site right here)

Garrett Dimon's helps Rails app developers with dealing with all the nitty gritty stuff associated with sending email.



30x500 is an online course on making products and services people actually want


Freelance.camp is Kai Davis' online community to freelancers looking for like-minded peers



Jason Swett has a course about Rails Testing for Beginners

http://www.clean-ruby.com/ (I wrote about this one too right here)

Clean Ruby is an ebook about organizing clean code

These are also great examples of Struggle-First pages. See how the pages start by telling the visitor how much they understand what they’re going through? If the thing your building respond to a real struggle, be confident about ditching those unecessary pictures, and go with a wordy page.

People come to your page to make progress, so help them do that.

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