If you had a deep understanding of the struggle your buyer is going through right before she comes to your marketing page, what type of page would you be making so she reacts to your site by saying “I feel understood!”.

Well: a Struggle-First page is what you’ll likely be making.

See: When Struggle-First Pages Beat “Features and Benefits” Pages


I started making videos on creating these Struggle-First pages.

  1. Squarespace for Creating Struggle-First Pages
  2. Wordpress' Block Editor for Creating Struggle-First Pages
  3. Carrd.co for Creating Struggle-First Pages
  4. Page Ingredients: The Forces of Progress
  5. Forces Run-through: applicationemail.com
  6. Forces Run-through: nullbox.co
  7. Forces Run-through: yourdailyniche.com
  8. Forces Run-through: productlistings.app

For the next ones, I’m thinking about:

  • Wix
  • WordPress using Divi
  • Webflow

I’m posting these on YouTube, Twitter and I’ll mention them in my newsletter too.


Here are some articles from this site that are a good starting point to learn about this Struggle-First page. Just so you know, every service page I’ve got on this site is an example of a Struggle-First page.

What does a Struggle-First page look like? Well, spoiler alert, you start the page by showing the visitor you understand their struggle so they react by saying “I feel understood!” That’s it? Well, actually, you continue showing the visitor you understand their struggle some more… Check these articles, and you’ll see.

Articles with Example Sites

Articles on Structuring a Struggle-First Page

Articles on Understanding Your Buyer’s Struggle

Articles on Improving a Struggle-First Page

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Hope that helps!

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