Join me on Twitch for live streams on buyer behavior, landing pages, and software product strategy, every Tuesday at 11am Eastern.

I review landing pages (yours maybe, read below), I comment on products I find interesting too, all that through the lens of buyer behavior.

You’ll find these streams useful if:

  • you’re hesitating about a specific aspect of your landing page;
  • you’re debating how a new feature you plan to add will be received by your users;
  • you’re unsure if a change to your purchase flow will hurt or will help sales;
  • you’re wondering whether people will understand your product;
  • you’re not sure how to write the words to describe your product;
  • you’re thinking there’s a way to improve something about your product, but you’re just not sure;
  • you’ve heard of Jobs-to-be-done and you’d like to use that lens to peer into the mind of an undecided buyer;
  • you’d like your page reviewed by me.

Get Your Page Reviewed Live

Run a chance to get your software landing page reviewed, for free. It can be an early draft, a page you’re working on at a secret URL or the page you have in production. If you’re feeling your software sales page could use some tweaks, I’d love to help.

To be eligible:

  1. Tweet a link to this page (see some example tweets below). Preferably close to the stream (Monday or early Tuesday);
  2. DM me your link to your tweet of step 1 (I’m @pascallaliberte on Twitter);
  3. DM me a link to your landing page you’d like me to review.

Help Spread the Word

Here are some example tweets you can use to spread the word about these live streams:

If you’re working on a SaaS product, be sure to check out @pascallaliberte’s Product Sharpening Live Streams. They’re every week on Tuesday 11am Eastern.

A live stream on buyer behaviour and landing pages, by @pascallaliberte.

Check it out if you’re working on your product’s sales page:

If you’re hesitating about a specific aspect of your product’s landing page, check out @pascallaliberte. He’s doing live streams on buyer behaviour through the lens of Jobs-to-be-done.

Tuesdays at 11am Eastern.

Questions and Answers

Q: Am I too late to get my page reviewed?

Every week, I look at some new pages. It’s not too late to get your page in, and in fact, you’re probably going to be one of the first ones (I’m just starting).

Q: Are you going to be doing these for a long time?

For sure until mid-December, maybe have another one close to Christmas, maybe start again in January. Who knows.

Q: Does my page have to be finished for you to review it?

If you’d like your page reviewed, it really doesn’t have to be perfect. A skeleton of a page will do, some sample copy will do, an all-text version is fine too.

Q: Are the streams recorded?

Twitch shows the last 2 or 3 streams after the fact, and I keep a copy for later, but right now, they’re not published for the long-term (not yet anyway, maybe later).

Hope you can make the next one.

Stay Sharp!