“I’ve been evolving toward my current situation for a couple years, and it’s been good. But now I’m going to start getting attention, and I don’t want to be offering a generic pitch anymore. Everybody else is pitching an approach. I want to pitch a sharp result.”

“Word-of-mouth is getting me more of the same, but I want to be ready for getting new clients with new deals.”

You’ve been taking some steps to sharpen your offerings…

  • Moving away from hourly billing;
  • Researching some new potential clients;
  • Honing your pitch;
  • Practicing conversations;
  • Thinking up ways you could package your services.

But now it’s about timing. You’re busy. You’re forced to choose between working, or working on some packages on your site.

stepitup Sharpen Your Service Offerings

A service to sharply explain what you do, by detailing service offerings that communicate to your newcomers how you can help.

I’ve got a monthly package, or if you’d like, the ability to just get a one-off page rewritten.

See the two options to go forward or read on. Maybe you could still do a lot of this on your own.

Maybe This Is Your Situation

Your industry is in expansion (to your surprise!) and there aren’t too many service providers like you serving it. And yet, interest is growing, and you don’t want to sell a commodity. You want to sell premium.

You’re getting sign-ups to your newsletter, and you’re starting to get some interest in the knowledge you put out. Now’s the time for you to get serious about the specific services you’re offering.

Or maybe that interest you’re getting isn’t transforming into new clients. You realize it’s because you display a generic “here are my services, contact me here if interested” website. It’s your word against some other freelancer in your industry, and that doesn’t work for you anymore. Time for a change.

So Let’s Imagine a New Situation for You…

Imagine you’ve migrated from getting paid by the hour. Now you’re paid by the impact.

Imagine you’re getting completely new kinds of clients, and a new kind of word-of-mouth.

The rumour of your new services is spreading, and people find you.

You’ve got to a point where you understand the impact you’re making for your buyers.

And most of all, you’ve packaged your skills in a way that’s totally making a difference for your clients.

Steps I’d Take To Get There

  1. Take some time to imagine the situations that your buyers are in when they decide they’ve had enough with the old, and are ready for the new. Those situations are the gold you’re after. They’re usually experiencing some kind of struggle, an annoyance, something that just won’t go away.
  1. Armed with those situations, try to see if those situations, those struggles, combine into one overarching struggle (over here, on this site, I use the struggle “I’m starting to get attention”). In your case, it might be something like “I’ve got a certain event coming up that I gotta get ready”, or “we’ve tried doing this our way and failed 3 times.” If you’ve got more than one struggle, consider packaging them up into different offerings maybe.
  2. Start writing a new home page. The home page will have the main struggle front and center, right at the top. That will scream to your visitors: you are in the right spot, I understand what you’re going through. That will get them to want to read on. Describe in vivid detail what it’s like for them. Have a section describing what a new future might look like.
  3. Still on your new home page, encourage your visitors to continue trying to do it themselves. Just like I’m doing here: show them how you’d do it.
  4. Have a way for your visitors to take the next step or to choose a package. Each package would also be centered around its own struggle it solves.

At this point, you’ve got a website that’s unlike most you see in the world of solo people like you. Most people go on about all the things they can do for you, but you’ll have something that’s really sharp, well-defined, incredibly enticing, and worthy to tell the world about.

More than that, the process of doing all this work will give you some new ways to introduce yourself to new people, spot whether they’re currently experiencing the problem or not, and make those conversations about just being helpful.

A Free Guide to Help You Create a Value-ladder of Offerings

To go deeper and learn more about all this, take this free guide with you. It’s just a web page you can bookmark and come back to, no email required, no tracking or anything. Hope that helps!

Or… Learn More via My Articles

If now’s not the right time to take that on on your own, consider signing up to the articles I publish each Friday, or find a few articles I’ve already published (filter for Consulting/Freelancing). I go in depth about the Jobs-To-Be-Done theory, the approach that focuses on situations, struggling moments, and the Forces of Progress.

“I’m Too Busy To Do All That”

So here’s where I can help. If you’re too busy for this level of work, but you’re thinking “this is where I want to take my solo practice next”, I’ve got two options for you, and a couple other ones below.

Two Options to Step It Up

Option No. 1 - One-Pager

If you’ve got a good understanding of the main situation that causes your buyers to go with your service, and you just want to write that up in a single page.

CDN$ 1,300 + your time so I get to understand what you’re selling and your buyers

  • Half up front to understand enough to make the page on my own, half to proceed with the page and book the week I’ll be writing the page.
  • Once I got enough information from you, the turnaround is one week.

Written up, styled and ready to put it in production (coded or ready in your CMS)

Not included: Researching your buyers, recruiting fees. However, they’re included in option 2:

Option No. 2 - Monthly Sharpening Retainer

Monthly Retainer that sharpens service offerings and sharpens your understanding of your buyer’s jobs-to-be-done, struggles, pains, mental models and alternatives.

Each month, you’ll obtain:

  1. Minimum one sharpening of the web presence - Will sharpen the way people engage with the business, its funnel, bit by bit through minimum one change per month. Will provide drafts ahead of production. Includes implementation provided adequate approval lead-up.
  2. Minimum one sharpening of understanding the audience - Will share insights from research, and ask you clarification questions. Included in the package: recruitment fees, e.g. incentives for surveys or conversations, userinterviews.com booking fees.

CDN$ 1,800 per 30-day period plus your involvement in revising drafts, and answering questions. Paid at the start of the 30-day period.

Both options include:

  • Service Offering Development
  • Value Ladder Building
  • Copywriting and Page Design
  • Call-To-Action Sharpening

To go ahead with one of these options…

Ready to start? Please answer some questions in the form below so I can understand your setup a bit, and I’ll be in touch.

Or Instead, I Offer…

Maybe another option to start would be to have a /visualize call. The process starts with a questionnaire for you, followed by an email exchange so I can learn about your situation, then a call so we can jam on what to do next in your situation. I’ll bill you after the call (CDN$ 250), and wave the fee if you decide to signup to one of the two options above.

Additionally, I invite you to subscribe to my weekly email, where you’ll be the first to know about the week’s new article, or check out my twitter feed if that’s better for you.

Stay Sharp.

Pascal Laliberté Pascal

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