I help sharpen your understanding of the buyer, and sharpen how it’s presented.

If you’re going through situations like these…

  • You’re getting some surprising new buyers purchasing your product, or hiring you for your services, amid these changing markets…
  • You realize you built too much product. Those features haven’t helped like you hoped so…
  • You’re communicating your offerings in a way that’s not sharp enough. Not communicating you understand your buyer’s struggle enough…

More importantly: you’re busy running your business. No time to adjust your sails, sharpen your pitch.

So here are a couple packages to help you speed things up:


A research boost to focus your product priorities.

When you’ve got to take a pause and dig into what motivated your buyers to “hire” your product. Maybe you’re getting cancellations, or people aren’t using the features you’ve developed, or that market change brought you some new types of buyers. Overall, you’re a little surprised. You can’t continue building and building, and need to start questioning a little bit more, to understand your buyer a little deeper.
Learn more about the /understand package


For your service business (freelance/consulting), a monthly retainer to evolve your site to include a value-ladder of options (a bit like these options I’m listing here).
Read more about the /stepitup for service businesses


A consulting call consulting you on what to do next.

CDN$ 250, including our back-and-forth over email ahead of the call and the call itself (about an hour). If that’s helpful, it’ll comes with a recording of what we discussed or the screen share. I’ll wave the fee if you choose to go with either of these packages above.
Read more about the /visualize consulting call


Free, a collection of videos and articles on creating a Struggle-First marketing/landing page for your product or service. The kind of page that your visitor responds to by saying “I feel understood!”. Useful when your thing helps a real struggle, but your audience doesn’t have an established mindset about the solution yet.


Free, my articles are published every Friday. They cover topics from buyer psychology through the lens of Jobs-To-Be-Done, to copywriting and sharpening your products and services. Be sure to filter by topics.


I pay you USD $60 for you to tell me a recent purchase story. I’m looking for a time you hesitated a lot, purchased it for yourself, and a few other things I’m looking for. I might blog about your story too (names and details removed), but that’s basically the deal.