Some pages with articles lined up, sometimes videos, on where to start to do these things yourself. You can do this.


Free, a collection of videos and articles on creating a Struggle-First marketing/landing page for your product or service. The kind of page that your visitor responds to by saying “I feel understood!”. Useful when your thing helps a real struggle, but your audience doesn’t have an established mindset about the solution yet.


Free, a guide on creating a value-ladder of offerings for your solo consulting business. Move away from “here are my skills”, and toward “here are valuable things I offer”, all serving an overall struggle, all helping your visitor make progress, and each option competing with the others.


Free, a collection of articles on conducting Jobs-to-be-done purchase interviews. You’ve heard of the benefits, so here’s a place to bookmark for when you set out to run those interviews.

Some other places will try to pimp you to buy their services. Increase conversions, slimy tricks, pop-ups and stuff like that. Not here. I know you’re likely going to want to do it yourself. In fact, I’ve got a bunch of /articles touting the merits of helping your customers to make progress in all forms, because it creates trust.

And when you’re at the point that you’ve done enough on your own and need a hand going further, I hope you’ll consider asking me to help you out.

Stay Sharp!

Pascal Laliberté Pascal Laliberté
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada