Here’s the Offer:

For one hour of your time (Amazon gift card if chosen), can I call you to hear the story of a recent purchase you made? It can’t be a gift you made, it has to be a sizable amount you paid (dozens and dozens of dollars), and most importantly, you were doing a back-and-forth in your mind before you decided to make the purchase.

The Fine Print:

For your help, and if I select your purchase story, I’ll offer a gift certificate for Amazon for USD $60. I’ll be recording the interview for my own records (not for the public), but I reserve the right to use your story as an example in an article (with your name and sensitive bits removed).

Thanks for your interest. Can I ask for some details abour your purchase?

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Thanks! I'll be in touch within a couple days to let you know if I'd like to proceed with the interview call and everything.