“I just don’t have time to learn this stuff by myself right now. I need a few pointers”

You know that when you’ll have put together something sharp on your website, you’ll be able to communicate your offering to some new people. Get people say “Yes, I feel understood” when they get to your page.

Or maybe you’ve started doing some research into your buyers, but you don’t know if you’re doing it right.

Right now though, you feel that the clock is ticking. Time to get some advice.

If you don’t want to put this until later…

visualize A Call to Help Pick What Should Come Next

By the end of the call, you’ll have:

  • Obtained a clear sense of what you should do next, and confidence that it’ll do something good for you;
  • Obtained an idea of how it is to work together;
  • Obtained an idea of what I could do to help out, if a proposal from me would be a useful next step (I won’t try to upsell you);
  • Obtained a recording of the call or screen share (up to you, it’s your call).

CDN$ 250, after a back-and-forth over email before the call to get to know your situation a little bit more. I’ll send you an invoice after the call, and the call will be discounted if you choose to go through the /understand package for sharpening your understanding of your buyer, or the /review service for reviewing your landing pages.

To go ahead with the call:

Start by answering these questions found below and I’ll be following up within a day or two.

Maybe You Find Yourself in These Other Situations Instead

You’ve Got Plenty of Sales with Your Product, but Could be Getting More

You’ve got sales, and you’ve got traffic! And so it’s time to start testing some new versions of your marketing pages, to see if you can increase sales, and your ability to help the buyers make progress. So it’s time to interview your buyers, and start doing A/B testing.

You’ve Hit a Snag with Your Product. You Thought You Knew, But No Longer Do...

Maybe you’re getting cancellations, or some of your product’s features aren’t getting used like you planned. You’ve been building and building, but you’ve had a bit of a surprise. Now you need to start questioning a little bit.

This situation might be a good fit for my /understand actually. If you like to start with a call and you end up going with that package, I’ll wave the fee for the consulting call.

You’ve Already Got a Product, and You Know Your Marketing Page Doesn't Do It Justice

You’re convinced. You understand the merit of communicating to the visitor that your product addresses their specific struggle right at the top of the page. As a result, you’d like to rewrite that whole page now. Instead of focusing on features and benefits, you want to communicate you understand their pain. You want your page to stop begging for a purchase, and instead focus on helping your visitor make progress – even if that means encouraging them to learn to do it themselves instead.

You’re Thinking of Putting Together an Informational Product

You’re thinking of putting together a course or an email sequence, an ebook or a guide. And you know you could help a general audience with some general information. But you know it’d be better to target some specific struggles with your informational product, so that it’s sharply created to be a more accessible option for your audience than to contact you outright. You want that informational product to compete against contacting you, not against everything else that’s on the market.

You’re Now Launching a New Solo Practice

Now’s the time to figure out what’s next and to invest in honing your specialty before you start spreading the word. Maybe you’ll say you do (insert result) for (insert audience). Or maybe you’ll focus on communicating the skills you bring. But if you’ve got the time to do the extra work, it’ll pay off to figure out the struggling moments of the people you want to help.

You’ve Made A Few Introductions Where You Didn't Sound Sharp Enough

As you’re switching to a new way of introducing what you do, you’ve had a couple chances to test your explanation, and it hasn’t come out quite right. You’d say it came out a little clumsy. Maybe it’s because you felt you needed to be sales-y, and that didn’t sit well with you.

“Ok, I’m Ready to Get Moving”

Please fill the questionnaire below, and I’ll write back with some follow-up questions. A reminder that the CDN$ 250 fee for the call and email exchange is waved if you decide you want to go with the /understand package or the /review service.

Questionnaire for the /visualize call

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I'll be in touch within a day or two with more questions.