You’re getting attention with your solo practice, or with your product. (Congrats!)

But you realize that the way you’re communicating your offerings seems too generic. Not sharp enough. Not communicating you understand their struggle enough. Not made to give options to the visitor that aim to be helpful right in that moment they’re on your site. Also, you’re busy doing your actual work.

Here are two packages to help you speed things up. And a third one below to help product teams.


A consulting call. Preceded by an email exchange to learn how I can help, the focus of the call (the main value to you) will be about consulting you on what to do next. Additionally, our discussion will give me the information I need to put together a proposal for further work for you, if that’d be helpful (I won’t try to upsell you).

CDN$ 250, including our back-and-forth over email ahead of the call and the call itself (about an hour). I’ll wave the fee if you choose to go with the next package…


For your service business, a monthly retainer to evolve your site to include a value-ladder of options (a bit like these options I’m listing here).

Each month, we sharpen your site in one meaningful way, and we sharpen your understanding of your buyers via some research. Plus you get my availability to get answers to your questions, learn what I’m finding on the web, hang out in your Slack.

If you’ve already got a good idea of the struggle of your buyer and just need one page done, I’ve got a one-pager option too.


For product teams, a research boost to focus your product priorities.

When you’ve got to take a pause and dig into what motivated your buyers to “hire” your product. Maybe you’re getting cancellations, or people aren’t using the features you’ve developed, and you’re left a little surprised. You can’t continue building and building, and need to start questioning a little bit more.

What’s Free

Learn how to sharpen your own stuff, check out the /articles, published every Friday.

In a Twist, Let Me Pay You Instead

I’d like to hear your own purchase story, if you don’t mind talking to me for about an hour on the phone. I’ll pay you USD $60 via an Amazon Gift Card if I choose to interview you. Learn more at /your-purchase-story.