Your landing page isn't clear enough.

You’ve been doing a fair bit on your own…

  • you’ve started a page, got somewhere good…
  • could be for a product, could be for a service offering…
  • you’ve followed some best practices…
  • you’ve tested with some people maybe…
  • you’ve made some more edits…

Maybe you even followed some of my own advice on copywriting or on creating struggle-first pages.

Maybe you’ve got a launch coming up. Or maybe you’ve got an existing page that’s underperforming and you’re revamping it.

“Is it good? I’m trying not to match everybody else’s style. I want to make something that helps my visitors decide on what to do next.”

“Is it clear? Will people get it?”

I don’t want to become an expert in making landing pages. I’ve gone far enough on my own.”

You want your page to be more clear than clever, more helpful that pushy, more bold than generic, more sharp than safe.

And you’ve gone far enough on your own for this round of edits. You’d like to bring someone in.

review A Professional Review of Your Landing Page (or of Your Draft)

I offer three options:

  1. A private video review (Paid)
  2. A week of edits (Paid)
  3. A public review (Free)

Skip to the details on these three options, or read on to get a sense of what you’ll be getting.

You’ll Get a Video a Bit Like This…

Here are a couple public video reviews I did recently. Yours will be a little more in depth, and it’ll be private.

Feedback that Goes Deeper

You’ll notice that my feedback is different than what you’ll get from other people. It goes deeper than the surface stuff:

  • Other reviewers will give you their first impressions.
    I'll simulate a likely visitor's mental back and forth, starting from understanding their struggle, what they want progress on, and what will cause them to go forward.
  • Other reviewers will rely heavily on best practices like "remove friction", "less is more", "make it more visually appealing", "drive more conversions"
    I'll encourage you to stay concentrated on the task of helping your visitor through a problem they're experiencing so you can build trust.
  • Other reviewers will "roast" your site.
    I'm not sure what "roasting your site" means, but I won't do that. I'll be straight with you, but I won't play feedback theatre.

We Might Not Be a Good Fit

  • If you’re here because you want a page that converts more people by adding slimy tactics, we won’t be a good fit.
    My advice will be about making the wrong visitors leave early so the best visitors scroll down and feel like they’re being understood.
  • If you’re here because you want a page that convinces and sells above all else, we won’t be a good match either. People smell that from a mile away.
    I’ll help you make pages that create a ton of trust, the hard to get, hard to lose type of trust.

  • If I can’t detect that your product or service addresses a hard struggle, I won’t be able to help.
    People hardly ever buy nifty products, mere time savers or enterprise products unless there’s an ambition, a context for switching away from a situation and toward a new one, a hard struggle creating the momentum to switch to something new. We need to find something close to that before I can help.

The Foundation on Which I’ll Give You Advice

If you’d like to try improving your site or draft some more before our call, here are a few articles I recommend, to give you a sense of the lenses I’m using to build pages that work:

But if that’s not going to be quick enough, or if now’s not the time to learn from articles, I’d love to help you speed things up with these options:

My Three Options

Option #1 - A Private Video Review

CDN $265 - A private video where I comment on your page or a draft of a page. Roughly 30-45 minutes, bit more detailed than my public ones as in the examples above, and private.

By the end you’ll get:

  • The recording of the video, shared only with you;
  • My view of the most important struggling moments causing your visitor to pay your site a visit;
  • My take of the dynamics of the Forces of Progress, the back and forth in their mind, as visitors wanting progress on those struggles will likely experience… Attraction, Anxieties, what they’ll default back to;
  • The holes I see in your page: the spots that will create unexpected anxieties that might throw people away.
  • More confidence in the parts of your page that you don’t need to touch just yet.

To proceed:

Fill out the questionnaire below and let me know you’d like Option #1. I’ll get back to you to confirm availability before we proceed.

Paid in advance. I’ll be making your video on Tuesday mornings, given my availability and a minimum 12 hours of heads up from you. You’ll get the video by mid-afternoon Eastern Time on Tuesday.

Option #2 - A Week of Edits

CDN $1450 - Part-time hands-on availability over a week to concretely evolve your page:

  • We’ll start on Monday with a video review to kick things off, giving you an idea about what I’ll change about your site;
  • Througout the week, I’ll evolve to a new version of your landing page, keeping you in the loop so we can learn more about your visitors together;
  • By Friday, you’ll have a deploy-ready version of the new page in your CMS, with instructions on making it live.

I’ll need your availability throughout the week to go deep in understanding your visitor’s struggle. Paid the week before, given my availability.

To proceed:

Fill out the questionnaire below and be sure mention you’re thinking of Option #2. I’ll get back to you to confirm availability before we proceed.

Option #3 - A Public Review

Free, but a little less detailed, a little less in-depth. Might not be a video.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a post on IndieHackers or Reddit (r/design_critiques, r/SideProject or r/Entrepreneur),
  2. Mention me in the description to invite me to comment (I’m @pascallaliberte),
  3. and I’ll receive the notification.

Could be fun to exchange about your site with other people. Will depend on my availability.

Alternatively, if you’d just like to have a consultation call, please check out the /visualize package which goes CDN $250, which includes an email back and forth ahead of the call, and a recording of our call.

I also offer a more in-depth service to peer into the minds of your buyers through purchase interviews, useful when you’ve gotten enough sales to know that you can go sharper with your product/service offering. That’s the /understand package.

Common Hesitations

“Am I going to have to re-write my entire page?”

No, a few tweaks might do the trick. Take for example this page review. It’s a typical Features and Benefits page, but there’s a hole in the page that’s hard to see. Sometimes it’s just a small tweak that’s needed.

“What if I can’t identify a single hard struggle?”

Here’s some good news: hard struggles are more generic than unique. I’ll give you an example. Maybe the struggle is that your customer wants movement in their career. They want to be seen as a good boss, or they aspire to get a promotion, and your product or service gets hired for the job of helping an executive shine. Maybe that’s the most likely “job” for which your product is “hired”, or the second likeliest. But it is a hard struggle your niche product is hired to do. We can work that into the backdrop understanding of your visitor, and make your page resonate to them.

But there’s a chance your product doesn’t solve a hard enough problem, and is just a nifty idea. In that case, I’ll let you know right away if that’s my hunch.

Questionnaire for the /review package

I won't sign you up for anything with this form.

Please let me know which option you'd like to go for (Option #1 is the Private Video Review, Option #2 is the Week of Edits). If you've got a URL of the page you'd like reviewed, please include that too. And if you've got more info about your visitors, their likely hesitations, etc, please share

Thanks! I'll be in touch within a business day with more questions and with the next steps, confirmation of my availability, a way to make the payment, the whole bit.