You’ve heard about how there’s a kind of purchase interviews that stands out from the pack.

A kind of interview that, when done properly, dispenses with the confirmation bias and the noise and gets answers to the questions:

  • What caused my buyers to pull out their credit card and give us money?
  • What initiated their search?
  • What is my product really competing with?
  • What were people using before using my product? What were they switching away from and why was that alternative no longer doing the job?

And, more zoomed in:

  • What were the forces that caused them to act at each point, go forward, hesitate, go back, struggle with something, get back on the tracks?
  • For what jobs did those buyers “hire” my product? What was the delta, the before and after, the enough-is-enough, the aspiration, the struggling situation that urgently needed movement and momentum?

So that you can:

So here’s a collection of articles from this here site on the topic of purchase interviews.

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On Example Interview Findings

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